My Life in Ink

Every tattoo I have tells a story. A story of my life, the people, and events that have made me who I am. 

My rose, and cross: A tribute to my dad. Although he passed away when I was ten, he still had a huge impact on me. I’m a daddy’s girl to the core, and I carry his personality with pride. 

My infinity sign: I believe that nothing lasts forever. Nothing, but family, and faith.

My finger tattoo: My little reminder to always believe in myself.

My peacock: The symbol for Hera, the Greek goddess of womanhood.

My stingray: A symbol of something so beautiful, yet so deadly.

My quote: For those I’ve lost, I only wish for one more day, but is one more day ever enough?

My lipstick: A tribute for my great grandmother. She truly was an amazing woman, and I’ll forever cherish my memories with her.

My starfish: A matching tattoo with my little brother, who has been my rock since day one.

My world: Only I can control my impact on this world, and I plan on making it a good one.

My skyline: Not only was New York my first trip by myself, but it’s also home to someone who has changed my life the better in so many ways.

My bear paws: A tattoo for my stepdad, who has always accepted me as one of his own, and helped to guide me in this upside down life of mine.

My niece’s nickname: she’s my sunshine, now, and forever. No matter how lost I am, when I see her face I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be. 

My semicolon, and wildflowers: Three years without a suicide attempt. This journey hasn’t always been beautiful, but I’m still here, and there’s beauty in that.

They say thirteen is an unlucky number, but these thirteen tattoos are pieces of my story that have made me who I am. I’m not anywhere near done, and my story is still being written, but my artwork will always remind me who I am, and how far I’ve come.


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