Erasing the Stigma

I used to try to hide the fact that I have a mood disorder. The reason behind this is because one time I told a friend about my mood disorder, and he responded with “Ew mental illness is disgusting!!”

I’ve always been puzzled by that frame of mind. I didn’t choose to have BPD, so why should I have to hide it? Why should I struggle every second of every day to hide it? No wonder why I’m always exhausted.

I get depressed, I get angry, I black out, I’m impulsive, I’m always paranoid, and my anxiety is always getting the best of me. I do and say impulsive things, I can emotionally detach from someone with ease, but at the same time still want to be loved. When something happens my brain automatically labels it as “good” or “bad”, and then either the “good half” of my mind responds or the “bad half” responds.

By explaining my disorder maybe someone, somewhere will realize that mental health issues aren’t disgusting. If not, well maybe this will freak them out. Either way it’s a win.


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