Chasing Squirrels

Having traces of OCD and traces of ADHD in your disorder sounds better than having the full blown disorders. The key word there is “sounds”.

Sometimes they come out of nowhere, and all of the sudden I’m hyperventilating because my bracelet isn’t color coded. Half of my brain is saying “calm down, it’s not a big deal”, the other half is telling me to flip out and go overboard. Needless to say, that half of my brain will always win over the rational side.

When my ADHD comes out, you can tell. I’m jumping from topic to topic, I’m starting a new project in the middle of the project I was working on. Basically just say “squirrel”.

To be completely honest, it sucks when either disorder comes out, but the worst is when they both combine and I’m left trying to do a seven different projects perfectly.

I guess it’s not the worst, but you can’t always spend time chasing squirrels.


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