A Full Shopping Cart

A main side effect of BPD is impulsive behavior. When you walk into a store to get a pair of jeans and walk out with 10 sweaters, 6 skirts, 52 scarves, and 300 pairs of shoes, you start to think you might have a slight shopping addiction.

All joking aside, my shopping addiction and impulsive behavior have caused a lot of trouble in my life. Everyone tries to tell me to just not shop. Alright, if that works then why don’t we tell the alcoholics to just not drink? Maybe it has to do with the fact that just telling someone that doesn’t do anything to help them.

I am thankful that out of all of the impulsive and addictive behaviors that I could be dealing with, shopping isn’t too bad.

Sometimes a shopping cart is just  full of shit, sometimes it’s a coping mechanism. Mostly it’s both.


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